Is it Better to Live with a Dog or a Cat?

This is a very tough question to ask. Because, first of all, not all people are pet people. Some people just don’t like animals.

With that out of the way, if you are left with a choice between a dog or a cat, please understand the key differences why people keep dogs and why people keep cats. Let’s start with dogs.

Dogs have been around for tens of thousands of years. The main reason why dogs have been around is because they are very useful animals.

They bark. This means that you have yourself an all-organic, fully self-mobile security platform. The dog can bark and draw your attention to attackers or invaders. It also can attack if you trained your dog properly.

Also, dogs are very affectionate. It doesn’t matter how badly you treat your dog, you can always count your dog to come to your front door the moment you turn the key with its tail wagging so much you’d think it would fall off. That’s how eager it is to see you.

It doesn’t matter how badly you treat it, it doesn’t matter what names you call it, it doesn’t matter whether you feed it a lot or a little, it just loves you.

And there’s just something about that unconditional love that melts even the toughest, most cynical hearts.

Because let’s face it, we live in a world where we’re always playing this game: you scratch my back, I scratch your back. In other words, the amount of loyalty I have for you depends on what you can do for me.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people are constantly saying, “What have you done for me lately?” In other words, they want you to supply an answer for you to earn their continued loyalty and admiration.

I’m not going to knock it. There’s a lot of usefulness to that thinking because hey, let’s face it, with everything else being equal, this is a rough world. There’s a lot of competition. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, so it’s really hard to find unconditional love.

Even people who say that they love you unconditionally have their limits. I’m sure your parents have their limits in terms of loving you.

Maybe you can do something that will make the love go away. Try stealing from them or try pointing a gun at the face of your father. See how quickly his unconditional love vaporizes.

Well, with dogs, it’s completely different. You can point a gun at your dog and it will still continue to wag its tail.

In fact, there are many documented cases of people who beat their dog to death, and the only thing the dog manages to do is to lick them in affection and wag their tail to their last breath. That’s undying love.

And I don’t know about you, but even that whole image of a dog loving you to its very last moment on earth is priceless. It just gives hope for humans to say that there is this kind of love out there. There’s this loyalty.

Talking about loyalty, there’s a documented case of a dog who kept going to the same train station his master usually goes to. This is a train station in Japan.

The dog’s owner died, but the dog kept going to that station every single day, matching the schedule of his master. There’s this hope in the dog’s eyes that his master, somehow, some way, will come back.

I don’t know about you, but that’s love. A lot of people don’t hesitate to call dogs dumb, but there’s just something about that love.

Now, on to cats. If you’re a cat person, it’s easy to understand why you love cats. Cats are kept by people precisely because they’re the opposite of dogs.

They’re independent. You can put food in a cat’s room and not have to worry about the food just being eaten in one sitting. The cat knows what’s up so it will eat whatever it takes to just fill it for that day and not one bite more.

The cat is also very resourceful and has a lot of initiative. It cleans itself, and it knows when to go to the bathroom. There is also this sense of autonomy that, basically, you have a pet that you can care for, and you still get to live your life.

It’s not clingy. It’s not an emotional black hole. Not like with a dog.

Because when a dog goes to you and it’s wagging its tail, you have to give it some time. You at least have to pet it, scratch it behind the ears, and say, “Who’s a good boy?”

But with a cat, you can basically just nod at each other, smile, and go on with your own thing. It’s not unusual for cats to just chill out, and it doesn’t need all that emotional feedback. There’s a strange beauty to this.

A lot of busy people love cats because when you have time to be affectionate, your cat will return your affection. You can scratch it on its forehead, and it can purr and just show its affection to you.

But be very careful. There have been documented cases where owners of cats who suddenly pass out and die because of a heart attack were actually bitten and eaten by cats.

But then again, they would understand it as well because the reason why you keep cats is because they’re wild deep down inside. There’s a respect there.

And the fact that they ate your body after you have passed away doesn’t make the respect go away because that’s still part of your expectations. This is, functionally speaking, a wild animal.

And our relationship really boils down to mutual respect. If we have time for each other, great. If you have affection for each other, that’s fine.

This is a mature form of love and respect, and this cannot be, in any way, shape or form, diminished or denigrated. It is a beautiful thing in its own way.