Why is Pet Health Insurance Becoming More Popular?

Did you know that there’s an obesity problem gripping the United States?

That’s right, for these individuals, their waistlines are getting bigger and bigger. Their joints are under a tremendous amount of pressure, and they’re showing a worrying rate of advanced aging.

Sound familiar? Well, I’m not talking about people. I’m talking about our four-legged friends.

You see, as America’s agriculture continues to outdo itself and produce cheaper and cheaper and more available foods, this has translated to increasing waistlines throughout the United States.

Whether you’re looking at Hawaii, Maine, Florida, or anywhere else, people are in an obesity downward spiral.

Well, a lot of this translates to our pets. Because when we eat, it’s not unusual for us to be more generous to our canine friends.

Also, please understand that obesity is really a manifestation of lifestyle choices. So, if you live a very sedentary lifestyle, chances are, you’re going to treat and feed your pet in a very sedentary way as well.

Instead of going out for a jog at the local park or taking your dog along as you bike along nearby bike paths, you just chill out at home. You flop down on the couch, eat some Doritos, and play video games or watch cable TV for hours on end.

What do you think are you doing for your dog? That’s right, since you don’t want to be disturbed as you chill out on the couch, you take out a big bag of dog food, put it in a bowl, and just place it next to your pet.

What do you think your pet will do? Dogs will eat whatever is in front of them. And unlike cats, they will eat all of it. They might not be able to do it in one sitting, but they will eat all of it.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer cats because cats have a tremendous amount of self-discipline. A cat will only eat until it’s full. A dog will keep on eating based on principle.

In other words, dogs have this thinking that “If you put it in front of me, I’m going to eat all of it.” You can see why because, deep down inside, it’s all an evolutionary response.

In the wild, you better eat what’s in front of you because you don’t know when your next meal will happen. You also don’t know where it will come from.

Again, this makes a lot of sense at some level or another. But the problem is, as Americans have become more sedentary and it takes less and less effort to do everyday things, this translates to a lower energy lifestyle for our pets. This is bad news.

You have to understand how fat gain works. If you want to get fat, there are only two things that need to happen. These are alternatives.

First, you just have to load up on the food you eat. Now, you might be thinking, “This is going to be hard because this means I have to increase volume.”

Well, not necessarily. Because a lot of foods that are not that bulky or take up a lot of space can actually pack a lot of calories. These are foods that are very sweet, or have a lot of fat, or both.

So, if you are eating certain types of candies that are packed with fat and sugar like chocolate, don’t be surprised if you start to pack on the pounds because you’re giving yourself a double whammy. You’re loading yourself up with fat and sugar.

Please understand that any excess sugar that’s left in your body that doesn’t get turned by your body’s cells into energy, is either passed through your system or stored by your liver in the form of fat.

You’re not a plant, so you’re not going to store all that sugar in the form of starch. You’re going to store it in the form of fat.

When you eat a lot of fat, that gets translated into fat that is automatically scooped up and stored in your body’s fat cells. That’s how it works. And you do the same for your pet when you engage in that high calorie intake lifestyle.

The other way you can get fat is to simply stop moving around as much. When you do that, the amount of calories your body burns in a typical 24-hour cycle goes down dramatically.

When you pair this with the tremendous amount of calories you’re taking in, almost all of those calories get stored as fat. See the bad news? See how this plays out?

Well, that lifestyle translates over to our four-legged companions.

Now, our furry friends would probably want to speak up because that’s not their normal and natural lifestyle.

When you look at the typical wolf in the wild, it’s nice and slim. In fact, it’s very hard to find a truly overweight animal in the wild. They’re too busy surviving.

And surviving needs a high calorie output every single day. I mean, just look at the typical gazelle or wildebeest or zebra. They get a nice workout every single day because they don’t want to get eaten by lions or hyenas.

But the rules change when you put an animal indoors. You domesticate it, and you don’t take it out for a walk or exercise it any way, and you surround it with a tremendous amount of food.

Keep this in mind. Just because there is an obesity epidemic among pets, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be the case in your household.

By being a little bit more active and paying closer attention to how you handle your pet, you can make sure that your pet is healthier. And one of the best ways to do this is to get pet health insurance.

When you get pet health insurance, you don’t just deal with the surgeries and the medical intervention needed to reverse pet obesity.

One of the main reasons why pet health insurance is becoming more popular is preventive in nature. In other words, you can now afford to interact face to face with a vet who can then give you the proper information to establish a healthier lifestyle for your four-legged companion.

Make no mistake, the main reason why pet health insurance is becoming more popular is because our lifestyles demand it.